Message from INCA Chairman
I am happy to present an abstract of the work done by INCA teams this year. The organizations we helped ranged from Bengal Home Industries Association which is close to completing 95 years to a new generation advocacy organization like Prantakatha. Read More...

INCA Final Project Presentations
INCA concluded all its 23 consultancy projects with 17 NGOs with the final presentations on the projects by students on 29 Dec, 2011. Read More...

Talk by Anandaghar
INCA organised a talk on Anandaghar, an NGO which is the only pediatric palliative care center for children with HIV/AIDS in Eastern India. Read More...

INitiative for Community Action
"Service to those who serve others."

INitiative for Community Action (INCA) is an initiative of the students of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta in which faculty members guide them for "service to those who serve others".

This is a social service that is voluntarily offered in the form of free management consultancy service to voluntary organisations and others doing useful social work. These organisations are usually unable to pay for such a service, even though it may be recognised that some management inputs may improve their performance. This is where we come in. We offer what we are in a position to offer to those, who offer their services to others. INCA engages with organisations in the non-profit sector to generate and disseminate practicable resources, tools, and knowledge with the ultimate goal of bettering society.

INCA projects have covered a wide range of topics. Our objectives range from organisational restructuring for the future to designing fund-raising campaigns to making full-fledged financial accounting software, that not only increase the effectiveness of organisations we work with, but also tap into the potential for social value creation among our entire community of students.

Students get no credit for their projects, nor are INCA projects part of academic requirements. But all those who have participated in these projects have reported the satisfaction of a learning experience not available elsewhere.

Partner Organisations: